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Science And Technology

Science And Technology Career

Science and technology is the playground for the curious and innovative. It’s about exploring the universe’s mysteries, cracking DNA codes, or inventing AI marvels. More than just lab work and coding, it’s the thrill of discovery and transforming sci-fi dreams into reality. With science and technology, you’re not just observing the future—you’re shaping it.

Career Requirements

High School Subjects

Physical Sciences
Life Sciences
Information Technology
Engineering Graphics and Design

University Subjects

Computer Science
Information Technology
Data Science
Environmental Science


Bachelor’s or Master’s in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM)

Entry-level Salary amounts

Actual salaries can differ based on various factors, such as demand for professionals in a particular field, the employee’s qualifications and experience, and regional salary differences.

Per Month

R18,875 – R49,758 (Gross) 

Per Year

R226,497 – R597,091

Career Choices

Software Developer

Data Analyst

Research Scientist

IT Manager

Required Skills

Analytical thinking



Programming languages