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Installation And Repair Career

Picture yourself as a hands-on problem solver, the master of tools, or the whizz of wires and circuits. Welcome to the world of Installation and Repair. It’s not just about fixing things. It’s about ensuring everything works as it should, enhancing efficiency, and bringing relief to those facing technical hiccups. Whether you’re installing a new air conditioning system, repairing a car engine, or restoring a malfunctioning computer, your skills have real-world impacts. So grab your toolkit, future technicians and repair experts, This is your stage to troubleshoot, repair, and bring things back to life.

Career Requirements

High School Subjects

Physical Sciences
Engineering Graphics and Design
Electrical Technology
Mechanical Technology

University Subjects

Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Industrial Engineering


Bachelor’s or Master’s in Engineering, or Technical Diploma in a relevant field

Entry-level Salary amounts

Actual salaries can differ based on various factors, such as demand for professionals in a particular field, the employee’s qualifications and experience, and regional salary differences.

Per Month

R20,833 – R50,000 (Gross) 

Per Year

R250,000 – R600,000

Career Choices


HVAC Technician

Automotive Technician

Industrial Machinery Mechanic

Required Skills

Technical knowledge


Attention to detail

Physical stamina