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Communications Career

Career Requirements

High School Subjects

Mathematics or Math Literacy
Arts and Culture

University Subjects

Media Studies
Public Relations
Communication Science


Bachelor’s in Journalism, Communication, or Media Studies

Estimated Salary

Actual salaries can differ based on various factors, such as demand for professionals in a particular field, the employee’s qualifications and experience, and regional salary differences.

Per Month

R15,000 – R33,333

Per Year

R180,000 – R400,000

Career Choices


A journalist is a professional who researches, writes, and reports news stories and articles for newspapers, magazines, television, radio, or digital media platforms. They are responsible for gathering information, conducting interviews, verifying facts, and presenting news in an unbiased and accurate manner. Journalists may cover various subjects, such as politics, business, sports, arts, or local news, and can work as reporters, columnists, or editors.

Content Writer

A content writer is a professional who creates written materials for various platforms, such as websites, blogs, social media, and marketing campaigns. Their primary role is to engage, inform, or persuade the target audience through well-researched and compelling content. Content writers may write articles, blog posts, product descriptions, or ad copy, and need to be proficient in grammar, punctuation, and style, as well as skilled in search engine optimization (SEO) and audience analysis.

Social Media Manager

A social media manager is responsible for planning, executing, and monitoring a company or organization’s social media strategy. Their main goal is to increase brand awareness, engage with the target audience, and drive traffic to the company’s website or online platforms. Social media managers create and curate content, manage social media profiles, analyze performance metrics, and adjust strategies based on data insights. They also interact with followers, respond to comments or messages, and stay up-to-date with the latest social media trends and best practices.

Public Relations Specialist

A public relations (PR) specialist is responsible for managing and maintaining the image and reputation of an individual, organization, or brand. They develop and implement PR strategies, write and distribute press releases, handle media inquiries, and organize events to promote their clients. PR specialists also monitor media coverage, create and maintain relationships with journalists and influencers, and provide crisis management when necessary.

Required Skills

Strong written and verbal communication

Written communication involves expressing ideas, thoughts, or information clearly and concisely through writing, while verbal communication refers to conveying messages through spoken language. Effective written and verbal communication skills are essential for many professions, as they allow individuals to share information, persuade others, and collaborate effectively.

Ability to work under pressure

Working under pressure refers to performing tasks or making decisions in high-stress or time-sensitive situations. This skill is essential for professionals who need to meet tight deadlines, handle emergencies, or manage multiple tasks simultaneously. The ability to work under pressure involves staying calm, focused, and organized, while maintaining a high level of performance and productivity.

Critical thinking

Critical thinking is the ability to analyze information objectively, evaluate different perspectives, and make reasoned judgments or decisions based on evidence and logic. This skill is crucial for problem-solving, decision-making, and understanding complex issues in various professional settings.


Creativity is the ability to think outside the box, generate new ideas, and find innovative solutions to problems or challenges. This skill is valuable in many fields, such as marketing, design, arts, and technology, as it can lead to unique products, services, or strategies that set a company or individual apart from competitors.