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History about "Take A Girl Child To Work Day"

Twenty-three years ago, Cell C launched “Take A Girl Child To Work Day” to expose young girls to a wide range of careers, aiming to bridge the gender inequality gap. This initiative has since reached over a million youths, with support from schools, businesses, and governments, making strides towards a more equitable world.

In a move towards full inclusivity, Cell C has now expanded the program to welcome all children, regardless of gender. This step reflects our commitment to equality, ensuring every child has the chance to pursue their dreams in a society that values equal opportunities for all.


Take a Child to Work Day

This career initiative offers Grade 10 to 12 students the opportunity to spend a day in a professional workplace, providing them with exposure to a diverse range of career options available in a corporate world. This unique experience in a safe environment can help a learner choose a career path.

Corporates are encouraged to allow learners to job shadow for a day, allowing them to explore various careers, skills and interests.

Grade 10 - 12 learners

The purpose of the day is to offer students a preview of the careers they aspire to, helping them confirm their study choices before graduating high school.

Corporate Employees

We encourage companies to permit employees’ children to participate in the day, providing them with exposure to various career opportunities.

Local Schools

Take A Child To Work Day invite schools to register and participate in the day.

Career Paths

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Public Relations

PR involves managing information between an organization and the public to shape perceptions and maintain a positive image. Watch the video above or read more…

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3D Designer

A 3D graphic designer creates digital visuals in three dimensions for games, films, and VR applications. Watch the video above or read more…

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Digital Media Manager

A Digital Media Manager directs online content strategies to boost brand engagement and analyze audience interactions. Watch the video above or read more…


Discover the incredible journeys of individuals whose careers were sparked by a single day!

Hear from our alumni about how ‘Take a Child to Work Day’ opened their eyes to their dream careers and set them on the path to success. Their stories are a testament to the power of early exposure to the professional world.