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To Vac or not to Vac? This is the question…

CONGRATS! You survived 12 years of school – you’ve definitely earned a holiday. Most of you have been planning your Matric vac for months already – it’s thought of as a rite of passage really. But if you are more or a kinda person, the question you’re asking right now is: Where can I go on Vac at this late stage?


Before we do anything else, let’s take a quick look the pros and cons of Matric Vac just to be sure you really do want to take one!




Making memories with your friends

Accommodation is expensive

Letting your hair down and taking a break after a tough school year

Finding accommodation that is affordable

Celebrating the end of your school career

High petrol price

Freedom – you’re taking your first holiday without your parents



Vacs that won’t break the bank!

Tickets to some Festivals can be prohibitively expensive not to mention the cost of accommodation and spending money on top of the ticket. The good news is that without breaking the bank there are many alternatives to Matric Vac which cost a lot less and can still be ‘December Benders’ if you really need them to be:

  1. Camping trip: keep it simple! Find a nice campsite near you that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Yes, it is camping but if you do it right, it can be so much fun!
  2. Road trip: sometimes the journey can be the destination! Explore lesser-known parts of South Africa by car and take in the beautiful sights! Round up a few buddies and head off into the sunset on a trip to nowhere in particular. It’s about as much freedom as you can get!
  3. Stay at a cabin or lodge: after you have spent the last year of your life getting through Matric, you may just want to go to a relaxed environment and enjoy the peace and quiet for a few days. There are lots of cabins and out of the way lodges which don’t cost a bomb but will allow you to take a load off and shoot the breeze with like-minded friends.
  4. House sit for someone: a change is as good as a holiday so why not offer your services as a housesitter. You could even end up getting paid to take a ‘vac’. But be responsible and respectful of another person’s home if you go this route.


The end of a crazy year should be celebrated by doing something you love and are passionate about, so if you like the great outdoors, go camping to enjoy the scenery and amazing wildlife. And for those who enjoy the cultural side of things, a road trip is the best option that will suit their needs.


Do it responsibly

To avoid the terrors of having your trip go wrong just follow some easy steps:

  1. Create a list of all the essentials and other stuff you need to take with you
  2. Set a budget that is sustainable for the trip with some extra cash in case of an emergency
  3. And most importantly, make sure you all do everything responsibly!


Bon voyage… or not! Either way, take a load off!

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