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Drinking responsibly

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila…floor

Your guide to drinking responsibly

You’re out with friends and the alcohol is flowing as everyone around you keeps partying. It started off as a casual night with ‘just a few drinks’ – but now suddenly things are getting out of hand and before you know it, you’re throwing up in the bathroom, feeling the worst you’ve ever felt. Drinking irresponsibly can lead to far greater issues than feeling sick, and can even be life threatening. For this reason, we’ve put together some tips on how to drink responsibly on a big night out.

Eat before you drink

Before you start drinking, have something substantial to eat, such as carbs and protein, so that you don’t drink on an empty stomach. Food helps slow the absorption rate of alcohol, helping you to not feel nauseous. It’s a good idea to keep some snacks handy throughout the night, for this reason.

Keep an eye on your drink

Be sure to watch your drink at all times, particularly when your drink is being mixed. Never accept a drink from anyone you do not trust or a stranger (stranger danger is a thing!), as unfortunately it has become common for drinks to be spiked which means you can be taken advantage of.

Drink water

It’s extremely important to stay hydrated while you are drinking, so try drink as much water as you can between rounds. The water will help ease the effects of alcohol and fill you up. When you’re feeling full, you may also not be tempted to drink as much! And it can help minimise the sore head the day after… score!

Know the strength of your drinks

When pouring a drink, or having one poured for you by a bartender, pay attention to how much is being poured. For example, if two shots are poured into one drink, it still counts as two drinks. If you know your limit, you can avoid a night out ending very badly.

Avoid shots

While taking shots and playing drinking games can be fun, taking shots in quick succession can quickly lead to overconsumption which will never end well. Your body takes time to catch up to such a rapid alcohol intake which means you won’t immediately feel the effects but that rush of alcohol will hit you a little while later. Rather mix your drinks and sip them slowly throughout the night.

Never drink and drive

This goes without saying: Never drink and drive! Arrange ahead of time how you will be getting home that night, or otherwise make arrangements to stay over at a friend who is not driving (designated drivers should be a rule among a group of friends – rotate). Apart from the risk of getting into an accident and harming yourself and others, there is also the risk of getting arrested if you are above the limit. Make use of paid driver services, so that you don’t get behind the wheel.

Abstinence and moderation

It’s still easy to have a good time, without overdoing it when it comes to alcohol consumption – or not drinking at all. Apart from looking out for yourself, you should also keep an eye on your friends and look out for any signs that they may be drinking irresponsibly and help them when this does happen. This includes slurred speech, uncontrollable laughter, lack of balance, and confusion. Drinking can be a fun part of socialising in moderation, so go out, have fun, but always drink responsibly!

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