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Cancelling the cancel culture

5 reasons to cancel the cancel culture

First things first, let’s get clear on what “Cancel Culture” is.

Cancel Culture is a widespread phenomenon where any person or organisation is publicly shamed or called out and support is withheld, for actions that is socially unacceptable.

Sadly, the effects on the youth of this widespread phenomenon have been devastating. People would say that the youth are the future, but they do little to support them in becoming the very best versions of themselves that they can be. Young people don’t need to be silenced; they need to be assisted with their mental well-being, career options, learning opportunities as well as social and entrepreneurial skills. And supported by their peers not ridiculed.

Instead, we must empower, enrich and enhance the innate ability of the youth.

Here’s how you can support the youth in becoming the prominent leaders of tomorrow and counteracting this horrific phenomenon.

#1 The development of upliftment programs

Programs need to be developed in response to the youth feeling that their needs are not being met, heard and understood. CellC went on a mission to talk to all the necessary stakeholders including the youth, as a result the “See Youth” project was born, a project for the youth by the youth. The main aim of the project is to include all youth with no discrimination.

#2 The psychological effects of cancel culture

Living with fear about expressing yourself or speaking your mind freely can have a detrimental effect on your social life and how you interact with your friends and family as well as your schoolwork. Trauma takes different forms for every single one of us. If you find yourself withdrawing from your daily life, please seek professional help.

#3 Healthy ways to handle rejection

Some tips on how to handle being rejected by your friends; know that you are always worthy of life and love, reinforce positive self-talk, acknowledge / own your mistakes and apologise when you hurt someone. Remember to be kind to yourself and others and most importantly, forgive yourself. Educate yourself on the impact of the negative words and actions toward people. Cultivate healthy ways to cope with your emotions; exercise, minimise time on the internet, unfollow negative people, be mindful of who you surround yourself with.

#4 Put a stop to cancel culture

The first step to counteract this hurtful form of universal demoralisation is to cultivate a new culture of acceptance, forgiveness and tolerance. We will only make this world a better place when we take responsibility for our actions and strive to be better humans every day.

#5 Use your voice for good

Cancel culture grew by people using their voices; we can do the same for to reverse it. We can build a toolkit against harmful words and actions of others. Think before you speak, act or post anything on the internet, ask yourself; is this true, helpful, inspiring, kind and necessary?

Final Thoughts

We have one life to live on this earth, let’s make it a beautiful one.

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