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The benefits of technology

Terrific technology… and the added bonus of free online courses

Tired of your parents complaining that you are spending too much time online? You are not alone! The problem is that older generations didn’t grow up with technology the way you did. As a result, they’ve had to learn to fit it into their life. Younger generations, on the other hand, were exposed to computers and smartphones before they were even potty trained so a life without technology is unthinkable. This sometimes makes it difficult for either generation to understand one another’s opinions on it.

Here’s an idea: instead of arguing, why not help your parents understand your point of view by explaining these important benefits of technology to them:

Benefit 1: Technology builds your problem-solving skills

As a generation, you have quickly learned how to manage and link multiple technology platforms like your phone and laptop or tablet. You have also learned how to download various apps, how to use them, how to keep your information stored on the apps in case you change phones. These are never simple processes but you, like most Gen Z’ers, will work at it till you get it right. That builds your problem-solving skills.

Benefit 2: Technology helps build relationships and socialisation

You can talk to and socialise with anyone from any country all over the world. When you meet new friends online, you may learn more about their country, their cultures, and their traditions, and even get exposed to a new language. You learn to socialise with a wider range of people, which will help you get along with your colleagues when you start working.

Benefit 3: Technology connects you to work opportunities all over the world

One silver lining we got from Covid-19 is that people across the globe realised that full-time remote work is not only possible, but also a bigger success than many thought it would be. You may not be on the job market yet, but you could be scoping out opportunities for when you finish school or tertiary studies. If you are not tech-savvy – this opportunity will be lost.

 Benefit 4: Technology develops creative skills and digital expression

Regardless of your creative skills, you are probably posting reels and photos on your social media platforms regularly. You may not have realised it before, but putting reels together, using tools to add content to pictures and pairing it with suitable music is developing your creative skills and your digital presentation skills. You learn very quickly which posts get lots of likes and which get ignored. And so, you hone your creative and digital marketing skills.

Benefit 5: Technology enhances education and offers learning tools

If your parents are still not convinced, this one will have them in the bag! You can use technology to research information for your schoolwork – like projects, tasks, speeches and more. There is so much information at the click of a button, you are learning much more today than older generations did from their trusted encyclopaedias. And the cherry on top? There is a mountain of free online courses that you can do to learn more and add to your CV. Here are just five resources – there are many more that you can use to improve your talents and skills:

Google digital skills courses

Google Analytics courses

Google Ads courses

Career development courses

Data courses

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