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Healthy habits that aid your physical health

Good habits that will boost your physical health

The way you look after your physical health when you are young will have a lasting effect on your health into your older years. Many young people feel perfectly healthy without too much effort, and, as a result, don’t see the need to take good care of themselves physically. The sad reality is that it often catches up with you later in life. Unfortunately, medical care is not getting any cheaper and becoming ill later in life because you didn’t take care of yourself in your youth can backfire horribly. So, make it a priority to look after yourself physically so that you can continue being a contributing member of society, a healthy mom or dad to your children one day and not suffer unnecessarily.

Here are six important habits that can keep you in good health:

Habit 1: Keep yourself hydrated by drinking water

If you were stranded on an island, your number one priority would be to find clean water to drink. Even more so than food. Your body needs to be hydrated all the time. Water also detoxes and cleans your system – but remember to make sure the water you are drinking is safe to drink. A good rule of thumb is drinking eight glasses of water every day.

Habit 2: Eat a healthy diet

Trendy health food is expensive but there are nutritious healthy foods that won’t cost you a small fortune. Substituting healthy options for daily staples is a great place to start. Try sweet potatoes instead of ordinary potatoes or eating fresh (maybe even homegrown) veggies and fruit instead of chips and chocolates. Cutting processed foods and sugar out is also a winning habit. Choosing to drink water instead of sugary drinks is also an excellent start to building healthy eating habits.

Habit 3: Get a good night’s rest as often as possible

Getting enough sleep is essential for both your physical and mental health. You should be aiming to get at least seven to nine hours of sleep a night. Too little sleep can also have a negative effect on your metabolism, leading to unnecessary weight gain.

Habit 4: Find a form of exercise you can do that you enjoy

If you can slot in 20 minutes of exercise a day, you will elevate your heart rate just enough to reap the rewards of a good physical habit. Whether you take a brisk walk, a slow jog or a run, it will all play a role in bettering your physical health. Make it fun by doing it with a friend. Or simply choose to take the stairs instead of the escalator or lift!

Habit 5: Stay away from cigarettes, alcohol and drugs

Everything in moderation… correction everything EXCEPT these three things. Just say NO! Not only are they addictive and very bad for your health, but they also make an unhealthy dent in your budget too. Life is tough and the last thing you need to do is add unnecessary financial and emotional burdens to your life, and the lives of those who love you and care for you. No good comes out of being addicted to something that’s bad for your health.

Habit 6: Find your happy place and take some time out

We all need to take time out to reflect or just re-group. Some do it by going for a walk, others may write in a journal or read a good book. It is so important to make time to recharge your batteries as often as you can. Take a moment. Stop rushing around and just think about everything you do have to be grateful for – even if it is the smallest thing like being able to take that moment. An attitude of gratitude is important to develop more positivity in your life

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