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Balancing socializing and studying

Keep calm and find your balance

Being a student is not easy. Your life is a balancing act of studying, socialising with friends, spending time with your family, getting your homework done, doing your household chores then participating in activities like sport. But all work and no play makes for a very stressed life! Find a balance so that you can stay on top of your game can be tricky. Here are some great practical tips to help you find your balance:

Plan and manage your time

There is a saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” But how many of us actually spend some time planning for the day, week, month and term or semester ahead? There are loads of free apps and calendars that you can use on your mobile phone. Or if you prefer a written calendar, a traditional diary or desk pad can work just as well. When planning your time, make it reasonable and allocate enough time to ensure you get through your work with some time for R&R.

Spread the load

Dedicate an hour or two a day to studying a subject in the weeks before exams (over and above homework). If you start early enough, it won’t be as stressful and strenuous to do a little bit extra every day. Starting early also gives you the time to enjoy a social event every now and again. By the time the exams arrive you’ll be confident, rested and ready.

 Get the best of both worlds

Allow yourself to go out once on the weekend, but only if your studies and homework are up to date. This way you can enjoy the breather you need to get back into study mode as long as you get home in time to get a good night’s rest.

 Don’t be scared to say no

Only attend social events that you really want to attend. Your time is very valuable. If you are invited to a social event that you are not that keen on attending, build enough courage to start saying no. It might be hard the first time but after a while you’ll feel more confident saying no, especially when you see your marks improve.

Use your study time wisely

Don’t procrastinate. It is easy to get distracted and procrastinate when you should be studying. If you discipline yourself to use every minute of your study hour to study, you will achieve a lot more. This is a skill that needs to be practised. Over time you will get better and you will study more effectively.

 Start a study group

Imagine killing two birds with one stone? You could study with a couple of your friends and socialise at the same time. You’ll also get their perspective on the work that you are studying.

Learn to prioritize

This is a skill that you’ll use for the rest of your life. There are only 24 hours in a day regardless of whether you are a student, a doctor, a rocket scientist or a cashier at the local grocery store. We all need to recognise what is important, and what can wait until another day. Prioritising is key when you are trying to find a balance.

Don’t fall behind with work

If you are leaving projects and tasks to the last minute, eventually you will become overwhelmed. By doing your work diligently during the week, and long before hand in dates, you will free up enough time for you to enjoy a social life with your friends.

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