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To worry about the future is a normal human experience. While it can be tough to ignore, here are a few ways to deal feelings of uncertainty.

Appreciate the present
Staying in the present can be hard when you’re looking forward to your exam results or you’re eager to hear how your application went. The wait can be painful, and can cause you to come up with scenarios because you’d like to feel like you can predict the outcome. One way to deal with thoughts of worry is to stop them on their tracks. When you notice your thoughts racing – pause, breathe in and out, and pay attention to your environment. Remind yourself that you don’t have to have the answer right now. Park your thoughts for another time. This strategy can help you to stay in the moment and enjoy the little things during the day.

Focus on the controllable
Worrying will have you feeling like everything around you is spirallingout of control. That’s not true. You have control over your thoughts and actions. Remember that even though your fear is real, the threat isn’t. For example, if you’re worried about the future of your career, simply start where you are. Do some self-discovery and identify careers that align with your interests and abilities. Do some research about what you’re interested in and find ways to either job shadow, intern or develop your skills in that field. Challenge your thoughts by finding evidence against them. If you believe that the worst will happen, find evidence that proves your thoughts otherwise.

Accept what you can’t control
What happens in the future is out of everyone’s control, including yours. This doesn’t mean that the worst will happen or the ultimate best will. It simply means that you can only deal with what’s presented to you each day, such as your study routine, fixing your finances or practicing self-care.

Try something new
Doing a new activity and breaking away from your routine can get your mind off your anxious thoughts. Pick up new habits that’ll help you shift your focus. Talk to someone about your concerns instead of keeping your thoughts locked in your head. A change of habit has a positive way of helping you break the worry cycle. You can take control over your thoughts. You can decide to park your worried thoughts for later, or take action to prove them wrong. Remember, you can only change what’s in your control and what isn’t, let it be.

Worrying sometimes is normal, but if your thoughts are getting overwhelming, it’s a good idea to reach out for help. Speak to a trusted adult or professional, or contact one of the following helplines: Suicide Crisis Line 0800 567 567 SMS 31393 SADAG Mental Health Line 011 234 4837 Lifeline 24 Hour Counselling 011 422 4242 or 0861 322 322 If you’re not in urgent need of help but you’d like someone to chat to, say hi to us on AskCellCgirl- it’s free and 100% private.

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