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Beauty influencer, Cynthia Gwebu, inspires us to grow into self-acceptance and self-love. Here are some lessons we’ve learnt from her!

Positive opinions matter
Cynthia firmly believes that your self-esteem and identity is influenced from the messages you receive (internally and externally) as you grow and develop. Her mother played a big role in shaping the strong and confident lady she has become. She kept the nurturing words that her mother and other significant women in her life have told her. She also listened closely to how they spoke about themselves and others. Inspired by self-loving women, Cynthia practices the same behaviour by talking positively about herself and entertaining positive thoughts. She also advocates for young girls to do the same.

Self-acceptance is key
We love that Cynthia is open about her insecurities – something most of us can relate to. She’s also equally vocal about appreciating yourself regardless. Her Instagram timeline and Youtube vlogs will give you all the feels of a self-loving queen. She’s learned to accept her body as it is. She wears what she wants and she looks stunning! A self-accepting girl always slays.

Romanticise your life
One thing this queen will do is take care of herself. While she’s popularly known for her impressive make-up looks, she’s also big on doing things that energise her spirit and mind. In her vlogs, she’d be spotted hanging out with her friends or getting massages with her husband. Self-care is key- and you can also live a vibrant and fulfilling life by doing things that make you happy.

Choose your passions
Cynthia invested time and effort into herself and turned her passions into a business. She took the courageous step out of her 9-5 job and entered into the digital world, showcasing her talents and intelligence in front of the camera. Today, she boasts an impressive personal brand with a growing following on Instagram and YouTube, drawing in brand deals that are aligned with her interests.

There’s no denying that Cynthia Gwebu is an inspirational woman. Her confidence and self-love encourages others to break away from self-limiting beliefs and taking actionable steps towards self-love.

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