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How to practice self-acceptance this V-Day

Self-acceptance allows you to fully embrace yourself- the good and the bad. Here’s how you can practice more of it and show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day.

Recognise your uniqueness
Think about all the things that make you special. What makes you, you? Note all those special attributes and characteristics and specify how they can help you now and in shaping the person you want to be tomorrow. By recognising your uniqueness, you give yourself the chance to see the value you have. That’ll fuel your self-acceptance.

Accept what you can’t change
It’s important for you not to put all your focus on the things you can’t change about yourself. You can balance the negative with the positive by focusing on all the things that you love about yourself instead. Start by writing yourself a love letter, in which you can promise to accept all the things you can’t change and embrace all that you love about yourself.

Speak positively about yourself
Make it a habit to speak kindly to yourself. Think of all the things that you want others to say about you. Try to avoid being self-critical by replacing the negative voice in your head with a positive one, that’ll hype you up and make you feel good about yourself.

Show yourself some love
Since it’s the month of love, how about you show yourself some love? Think of something special you can do for yourself, because self-acceptance drives self-love. Once you practice self-acceptance, it’ll be easier for you to value and start loving yourself the way no one else can. So, send yourself those flowers, buy that chocolate, or go on that solo date. Just show up for yourself!

You’re only human- don’t be too hard on yourself because no one’s perfect and no one can ever be you. Let you uniqueness shine by loving yourself just as you are- loudly and proudly. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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