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How to start the year off with a positive mindset

Adopting a positive mindset helps you tackle the new year with an ‘I can’ attitude. Here’s how to do just that!

Start with positive affirmations
Start the year off with positive affirmations. These will set the tone for you and help your mind lean towards being positive. You can use affirmations like, “This year will be better than last year” or “This is a chance for me to try again.” Affirmations like these will surely lift your mood and motivate you to approach life with optimism. When using affirmations, it helps to use positive language “I am” or “this is” instead of “I’m not”, “I won’t” etc.

Find things to be grateful for
It’s easy to find ourselves caught up in all the things that didn’t go right last year, but it’s time to leave that dwelling behind. Instead, look for things that you’re grateful for and focus your energy on what’s going right. Gratitude brings about a positive mindset, because by practicing it daily you’ll have less you’ll time or energy for negativity. Even if things didn’t go your way last year, you can still be grateful that you’re here and have another chance to try again- this time with more experience!

Learn from past failures
Use your past failures as lessons to help you improve now, since you know better. Don’t let your failures cloud your mind and make you feel like a failure because that’s not true. Failure doesn’t define you; it’s a normal part of life that allows you to learn as you go, until you achieve your goals. It’s all about appreciating the lessons and looking forward to trying again.

Focus on positive self-talk
The way you talk to and about yourself makes all the difference. Once you start to be positive and say things like,”I can

do better next time” or “I can get better with more practice”, you’ll start feel more confident and unstoppable. You use kind and encouraging words when speaking to your loved ones, so why not do the same for yourself?

Sometimes, life’s difficulties can leave you feeling defeated, or make it difficult to be optimistic. But know that there’s always hope and that it’s good enough to approach life with a more positive attitude. It’s not about unrealistic, toxic positivity which often doesn’t work, but rather just making healthier changes wherever you feel you need them. When negative thoughts take over, think of all the times that you held on and things worked out. Everything will work out in the end! Remember, you can always DM us on our socials (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) if you’d like to chat!

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