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4 self-care resolutions to set in 2022

Ready to love yourself better in 2022? Here are 4 self-care resolutions to help reduce stress and make sure you’re at peace and healthy.

Set goals, not resolutions
Setting goals means you have just about the whole year to achieve them, but calling those goals a resolution puts you under pressure to start the year off with tunnel vision on just those goals. This can be unrealistic (because you have other things going on), but also unhealthy as it can give you anxiety you really don’t need. SMART goals are more specific, and can give you realistic direction as opposed to vague resolutions that can leave you feeling like you’ve failed.

Pay attention to your body
Our bodies communicate with us a lot. Everything from “I’m tired” to “I’m feeling sick”. Our job is simply to listen to

our bodies and make sure that we do what we can to keep them healthy. Start with small changes, such as a promise to drink more water, eat healthier, prioritise your mental health and exercise more. Your body will thank you for it!

Spend time in nature
Four walls or environments you’re overly familiar with can weigh heavy on your mental health. At times you may feel isolated or even claustrophobic. So, go out more- even if it’s just for 15 minutes and take in all that nature has to offer. The sun, some fresh air and the sound of chirping birds can be so healing. It’s actually kind of crazy how much of a difference a different environment can have on your mental health.

Do positivity rituals
Having time set aside for a positivity ritual can do wonders for your mental health.

What this looks like really depends on what you’re into. Whether you’re an affirmations person, or perhaps you’re more of a “mention everything you’re grateful for” kind of person, it doesn’t really matter- what matters is committing to this daily. Speaking positivity into your life every single morning or evening will transform your mood and shift your outlook on things that may be weighing you down.

The truth is that self-care should be something that we all commit to every single day. Whether it’s baths in our favourite bath oils, setting healthy boundaries in your relationships, hitting the gym or committing to longer hours of sleep. Whatever makes you happy- do that! Oh, and remember, you’re not selfish for putting yourself first- that’s self-care!

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