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4 things Willow has taught us about self-love

We all know Willow Smith has an aura that’s confident and unstoppable. Here’s what we’ve learnt about self-love from her inspiring journey.

Learn and improve
“I’ve been constantly reading self-help books and books on spirituality since I was 11 or 12.”

Sure, self-help books aren’t for everyone, but they definitely can be helpful and Willow confidently attests to that. It’s safe to say that this young lady has always known she needed to be grounded in some way or another to get to exactly where she’d like to be. Learning more about your mind and spirit will give you the tools you need to take better care of yourself as well!

Take care of your health
“You are what you eat. I started on this journey and I just felt so inspired. I became aware of this other side of life.”

Willow prides herself on

keeping healthy, and we love that for her (and for you). She promotes a healthy life and has since been on a journey to ensure she maintains a healthy body and mind. We admire her dedication to leading a healthy life, no matter how busy she gets.

Speak your truth
‘“Having those conversations really taught me how to express myself and to be honest.”

There really is no better way to fall in love with yourself than to speak your truth and stand firmly in it. Willow has been open and honest about her struggles with friends and family, such as her mother, grandmother, and more recently with Yungblud. We love to see how she and those around her promote self-expression, and how she never feels the need to downplay her emotions and thoughts just to make others comfortable.

Drop the judgement
“You have to experience life to the fullest and not judge yourself or anyone else for their journey.”

Life really is for the living, and Willow agrees. The true joy of life comes from not judging yourself for the decisions you make- even the mistakes. Willow is a living testament that you can enjoy life and still grow wiser while making a few mistakes here and there. At the end of the day, that’s what being young is really about. It’s about learning from your mistakes, but for that to happen, you have to allow yourself to make a few.

Willow may have gotten famous from an early age, but she’s proven that there are things she firmly believes in to help her stay grounded. She’s shown us that loving yourself fully, having great female influences around you and taking charge of your own life can breed an insatiable amount of self-love. We hope you feel inspired by her journey too!

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