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5 things you owe yourself after a hectic year

Your education, career and social life are all important, but in trying to meet all these demands, it’s easy to neglect the link to them all; which is you! It’s time to reward yourself with these 5 things.

We’re not supporters of the “sleep when you’re dead” narrative. We highly encourage you to rest often. This offers your body, mind and spirit the opportunity to energise and fully recharge. If you haven’t had enough sleep and you’ve just been timing-out from your busy schedule this year, it’s time that you catch up on your snoozing. Remember, all work with no rest leads to burnout.

The habit of reflecting is so underrated, yet it’s so important for your overall well-being. Reflection helps you keep track of how you’re coping with all of your life demands. It also helps you identify energy-draining activities and habits.

If you haven’t paused and reflected on how you’re managing your responsibilities and overall well-being, take the opportunity to do that now. You could do this through journalling or chatting to a trusted friend or family member who can give you an outside perspective.

Giving yourself props
Honestly, 10 to 11 months of non-stop grinding is insane. Making it to the end of this year should go down in the books as a win. So pat yourself on the back for committing to it, putting in the work and dedicating your time and energy to meeting all your life demands. We see you and we applaud you for getting up when you fall and finishing the race strong.

Your social life probably took an L throughout the year. It’s okay, we know how hard it can be trying to balance studies or work with a vibrant social

life. It’s not too late to re-connect and touch base with your friends and loved ones. Make a thing of it. Organise a popcorn and movie night or have a day in the sun and host a picnic with friends. You owe it to yourself!

Can you remember the last time you invested in self-care? If you’re searching your mind trying to remember the last time you kicked back and invested in your well-being, it’s a sign that you’ve been cheating yourself this year. Self-care is an essential part of every individual’s life- including yours! Now that you’ve got some time and it’s the holidays, be sure to give yourself quality time to re-charge.

These are the common things that people tend to deprive themselves throughout the year. See how many you can catch up on before the year ends. Remember- you’re as important as your priority tasks, so don’t cheat yourself of health and balance!

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