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5 beautiful sites worth viewing this spring

Spring is here and with lockdown restrictions eased up, you can enjoy the sun and beauty that’s embedded in your city or province. Here are 5 cool and affordable weekend activities you can do with your loved ones this year. The tallest Skyscraper in Africa – Gauteng Right at the centre of Johannesburg you can find Carlton Centre- a 50-storey skyscraper shopping centre. At the very top of this building, you’ll enjoy a bird’s eye-view of Johannesburg from the “Top of Africa.” You and your friends can expect to pay a small fee of R30 in order to access the 360 degrees view of the city, further outwards toward the farmlands and beyond. Tick the “Top of Africa” of your bucket list by visiting any time during weekdays (9am-6pm), Saturday (9am-5pm) and Sunday (9am-2pm). Lions Head – Western Cape If you’re in Cape Town, you have to visit the Lion’s Head at sunset. If you’re one who enjoys looking at clouds and imagining them turning into animals or human figures, this symbolic mountain will surpass you with its striking resemblance to the head of the lion. To grab this spectacular view of the mountain and the city, you can either hike up the Lion’s Head or go to the top of Signal Hill – a neighbouring hill offering easier access to the top. Invite your friends, wear comfortable shoes and enjoy a wonderful sunset afternoon on top of one of Cape Town’s tourist attractions at no cost. Blyde River Canyon – Mpumalanga Mpumalanga has many beautiful sites to see and the one spectacular view your eyes need to land on is the Blyde River Canyon – the world’s third-largest Canyon, which is 750m deep and 26km long. You can access the Canyon for free. Wear you hiking shoes and enjoy your choice of the amazing hiking routes both at the top and bottom. Durban Botanical Gardens – KwaZulu-Natal There’s a little gem to be found in the city of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal – The Durban Botanical Gardens. This spot is a perfect one for spring! Visit Africa’s oldest botanical garden with your family or friends and take stroll through the various plants and flowers that are growing beautifully and organically. You can access this beautiful site for free- don’t forget your sunscreen, sunnies and a hat! The first digital planetarium in sub-Saharan Africa – Free State At just under R50, you can gaze at the mysteries of the universe at the planetarium based in Bloemfontein at the University of the Free State (UFS). This site isn’t just a gateway to the wonders of the universe- it’s also an opportunity for you and your science-loving friends to learn about the great beyond that influences life on earth. There are so many interesting and incredible sites to explore in our country. These are just a few to get you going this spring. Have a wonderful time out in the sun, remember to follow COVID regulations and stay safe. Enjoy!

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