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Here’s why we need to preserve our heritage

On the 24th of September, we’ll be commemorating Heritage Day; a day where we’ll be coming together to take pride in all our different cultures and traditions. But why is heritage so important and why do we need to preserve it? Here’s why. To preserve our ethnic diversity South Africa is rich in ethnic diversity, we’ve got so many different cultures and traditions that make us unique. For us to preserve our ethnic diversity, each of us needs to preserve our heritage so that future generations will get to know this multicultural country that we live in, where we all aim to embrace each other’s heritage and celebrate our beautiful rainbow nation. To promote unity Our heritage brings us together, where some will be united because they share the same traditions and cultures. Some will want to learn about other cultures and traditions too. This curiosity unifies us, when we all get to understand the rich history of our different ethnic groups. We’ll stand united in our differences knowing that we’re all part of our country’s cultural diversity. To carry on the legacy of our people In order for us to carry on the legacy of our people and their culture and traditions, we need to preserve our heritage. Future generations will depend on us to pass on the knowledge that we have of our cultures and traditions. For each of our heritage to be represented for generations to come, we need to learn about it so that we can pass on the baton of historical and cultural knowledge to the younger people who’d otherwise not know about their roots. To instil a sense of pride Learning about your culture and all the different cultures in South Africa will make you feel a sense of pride. Knowing the traditions, the food and the values that our ancestors lived by is something that’ll instil a sense of pride in you. The knowledge that you’re part of a lineage of people who identified themselves in a certain way and took pride in that is something to be proud of. So, now that we know why we should preserve our heritage, why not go all out this Heritage Day? Show off your culture and traditions, be curious and learn about the cultures and traditions of those around you. Let’s celebrate together because this day is all about our beautiful and rich diversity.

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