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5 small ways to make the women in your life smile

It’s Women’s Month so you already know what that means- making women happy, all day everyday! Designer bags and shoes, jewellery and gadgets are all great, but those aren’t the only ways to make the women in your life smile. There are many other meaningful ways and we’re here to tell you all about them.

Listen to her
Women love to express themselves. Just like everyone else, we love being heard and appreciated, so listen better and give sound and caring advice to the women in your life. We go through a lot and sometimes, we just need to offload and feel like someone cares. So, now’s your chance to be a confidant for the women you care about.

Give her compliments
We all love compliments, but try to make your compliments a little bit more thought out. “You’re beautiful” is a great compliment to get and a real confidence booster, but it’s also an easy compliment to give and many women have heard it a million and one times. How about you switch it up and compliment your special ladies on things like their intellect,

sense of humour or their personality as a whole? That’s bound to have a lasting effect.

Do something special for her
Special gestures shouldn’t be reserved only for special days. They should be done a lot more often than usual, and the size of this gesture shouldn’t really matter. It’s simply about being nice and appreciating the special women in your life. Things like making breakfast in bed, helping her on a task or project she’s working on or even buying flowers for your favourite lady is a gesture that she’ll definitely appreciate.

Make her feel supported
There are many women who are doing their best in their careers and businesses- and they need your support now more than ever. Support their businesses by purchasing or using their services, advertising their businesses or simply letting them know that you admire them and you’re aware of the big moves they’re making. Also, speak up about the social injustices that they face every day and get involved with initiatives that aim to empower and uplift them

. These are great ways to show your support and let the ladies know that you’re with them all the way!

Don’t expect anything in return
Sadly, many women have been so accustomed to people doing things for them and expecting something in return. That’s probably why it’s so shocking to us when people expect nothing back. With all the kindness you’ll be showing women this month (and beyond), it’s really important to not expect anything back. Look at the women in your life- from your friends to your mother, and consider how much of themselves they give to the world each and every day. Surely they deserve to be appreciated and loved without having to be indebted to anyone.

Women’s Month is meant to help us realise the good that the women of the past have done and what the women of today are doing to improve our lives. We speak for all women when we say that everyday should be Women’s Day, so spread the positivity whenever and however you can!

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