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4 career women who inspire us on the big screen

It can be so much fun to look up to fierce womxn on the big screen who inspire you to be great. If you haven’t found your inspirational faves yet, take a look at our four faves and see if they resonate with you!

Kat Edison
Kat Edison, who’s played by Aisha Dee on the Netflix series The Bold Type, is certainly the kind of force we like to see. As the Director of Social Media at Scarlet, a fashion magazine in New York, Kat shows us the true meaning of working hard, speaking up when you have to and being comfortable with who you are regardless of your race or sexuality. Although some may love her for her good looks, we know she’s way more than that, and we hope you’re just as inspired by her as we are.

Boity Thulo
This is probably a name you’re pretty familiar with. The Own Your Throne

reality show star, actress and business woman, Boity, may be one of South Africa’s most loved celebrities- and that’s not without reason. She’s been on our screens for almost a decade now and she’s made sure that we don’t forget her. Outside of her many talents and love for her friends and family as shown in her reality show, Boity’s proven that being considered “hot” doesn’t mean not working hard for the life you want.

Miranda Priestly
We can all safely say that Meryl Streep really outdid herself as Miranda Priestly on the hit movie The Devil Wears Prada. If you’re into alpha females who make their presence felt, then this character should definitely appeal to you. So maybe Miranda isn’t the sweetest woman in the office, but she’s unapologetic about her success and that’s one lesson we can learn from her.

Bonang Matheba
Bonang Matheba, famously known as Queen B may not be a fictional character from a film, but she’s a powerhouse who’s done it all. From radio, to having her own television reality show, to creating her own alcohol brand, securing gig after gig and pretty much every endorsement deal you can think of, she’s definitely the “it girl” who can do it all. She’s shown us that you have to work hard to live the good life, and what the critics say should never stop you from securing your bag.

It’s always refreshing to see womxn being represented as inspirational, whether in the form of fictional characters or real-life people. It’s great to know that we all have TV shows and womxn in lead roles that we can draw inspiration from. If you have an inspirational fave you’d like us and the rest of our CellCgirl squad to check out, let us know on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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