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Summer Flame: Cindy Mahlangu

Cindy Thando Mahlangu is currently South Africa’s fave. With her great style and impeccable acting skills, she’s one woman who’s impossible to ignore. So, it’s only fitting that she’s our summer flame for the week. Here’s are few things that inspire us about this rising superstar.

Fun fact
Cindy is a 23 year old young woman from Standerton in Mpumalanga, and although she’s a talented actress, that’s not at all what she studied for. She studied Accounting, but because of her acting talent, she found herself on our screens for the very first time as Dumazile on The Herd, then later as the fun-loving Zama Bolton on Netflix’s Blood & Water, with many other productions in between. Her acting career just keeps getting bigger and better.

How she glows
As you may have already noticed, Cindy has glowing and flawless skin which she tries to keep looking healthy and radiant at all times. If you’ve been dying to find out what her secret is, it’s the Dermaquest pumpkin peel. She’s been openly sharing her skincare journey with us on her social pages, so you can follow her to get inspired for your own glow up!

Steal her style
Cindy switches it up every time with jeans, comfortable tracks, a bunch of swimsuits and some formal wear. She’s open to bright colours with great fits and we see that in this yellow number by Bubu Loh Designs. So if you’re looking to steal her style, now you know where to start.

Why she’s a Flame
“Your dreams are valid. Knowing that your dreams are valid. It’s possible if you put your mind and heart to it, work on it and it’ll come. The perfect timing. I feel like your dreams are valid”.

Cindy makes it her personal mission to remind young people like herself to always follow their dreams and to never let anyone ever invalidate them. Not only does she do that for others, she clearly applies it to her own life as well and it’s working. With big brands under her belt like Huawei and Brutal Fruit ZA as well as multiple acting jobs, she’s definitely made her dreams a reality.

We can all agree that Cindy’s worked really hard to get to where she is and she continues to grow in her career and inspire many young women around her. She’s the true definition of a Summer Flame and we’re so proud of her. We can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us.

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