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Summer Flame: Bonang Matheba

Few celebs shine as brightly as Bonang Matheba, and that’s no accident. From her skincare and fitness, to her attitude about career and life, Bonang knows how to put herself first and she’s proof that magic can happen through self-love. Here’s what inspires us about Queen B.

Fitness fact
It’s no secret that Bonang is stunning, so of course we wanted to learn all about her fitness routine. Back in 2015, she was on the cover of Women’s Health, and she shared her secret to her toned abs. Here are the moves she does three times a week, resting for a day between each session: Plank to Push-Up, Cross-Body Mountain Climbers, Squat Thrust and Medicine-Ball and Russian Twist. Although she looks great, she experiences her fair share of body-shaming and unwelcome comments. If you’re ever in a similar situation, just remember Bonang’s advice and “ignore the mess darling”!

How she glows
Being a celeb can be demanding,

and wearing make-up almost every day can take a huge toll on the skin. That’s why Bonang is all about taking care of her skin daily. She washes her face at least three times when removing make-up, after which she tones sparingly. She also avoids scrubbing her skin harshly, and never goes to sleep with make-up on.

Her final skincare tip? Always wear sun screen! Even in winter or on the days you think that the sun is not shining too brightly- it can still be damaging to your skin. So choose a good SPF and apply it daily.

Steal her style
Let’s be honest- Bonang’s style is the definition of effortless elegance. Whenever she’s hosting, her outfits match her show-stopping personality. Ballgowns she’s worn such as her Yellow 2019 Miss South Africa look can be great inspo if you’re looking for matric dance dress ideas.

Let Bonang’s style inspire you when you want to be your ultimate #bossbabe self. The clothing you wear can be a powerful way to boost your confidence, but remember that this confidence comes from within. So hold your head high and rock your style!

Why she’s a Flame
“Find your centre, ignore the noise and do your own thing.”

In addition to her success as a TV personality and host, Bonang’s dreams keep her soaring higher. In 2019, she launched House of BNG- her very own luxury beverage brand. Bonang took something she enjoys and turned it into a business. She’s also outspoken when it comes to the importance of education and how it can empower the next female generation. She wants young girls to have access to education and to be empowered to go for their dreams, even if others don’t believe in them.

Bonang is ambitious, dedicated to her work and she spends a lot of time improving herself and becoming the best professional she can be. She reminds us that hard work is the only way to achieve your dreams, and that you shouldn’t settle for less than you’re worth.

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