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5 fun ways to say goodbye to the holidays

The holidays are almost over, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy what’s left of them. There are many ways to do this without spending a cent! Here are 5 fun ideas. Sleep in late Whether you’re heading back to school, varsity or work soon, chances are you’ll probably need to wake up early every morning. Unless you’re a morning person, this can be challenging some days! So while you still can, enjoy sleeping in late and taking your time to really wake up. Snooze that alarm or even better, don’t set an alarm at all! Do what you want One of the best things about the holidays is that you have time to do whatever you want during the day. Whether it’s binge-watching your favourite series, reading a book or doing a hobby, be sure to have a day where you do whatever you feel like doing. It’s empowering to do things when there are no rules and deadlines. You might even discover something new about your interests and talents! Do a daily challenge Do you have projects or ideas you’d really like to try, but you haven’t gotten around to it yet? Well, the holidays are the perfect time to do this- even if they’re almost over. Take advantage of your free time by challenging yourself to do one new or interesting thing each day. This can be anything; from trying a new recipe to learning a new language. You can even do a free online course to help you prepare for the year ahead, such as the Take a Girl Child to Work Day Online Programme. Challenge yourself and who knows? You might just find a fun activity to enjoy for the rest of the year! Lend a helping hand During the year, we can run into challenges that sometimes frustrate or worry us. But although things can get difficult, there are also many things we can be thankful for. If you’d like to go into 2021 with gratitude, why not use some of your free time to lend a helping hand in your community? You could help someone in need by donating, dedicating some time or volunteering at a home or shelter. Here are just a few reasons why volunteering during the holidays is a good idea. Share the love When the year starts to get busy, we can sometimes forget to show the people we love, how much we care about them. You can share the love in lots of different ways, from a kind compliment to spending some time to really catch up with them. So whether it’s your bestie, your family or even a neighbor, be sure to send some positivity their way these holidays. Even if you’ve only got one day left of these holidays, what you do with it is up to you. You can enjoy it in so many different ways, so don’t hold back. Have fun!

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